“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” - Thomas Edison, 1931

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Sangel launches two new street light models for 2014 and 2015

Sangel Technologies International has announced the launch of two new breakthrough solar street lights: the New SLX4 and the SLX5. They feature a new state-of-the-art patented stamina controller capable of sustaining the street lights for up to six days of no sun. This is unprecedented in street light technology. These two breakthrough solar street lights will spearhead Sangel’s global growth in solar application technologies with the focus on developing markets. The SLX4 is a 4-module LED light system whereas the SLX5 features 5 LED light modules.

Speaking at an exclusive launch event the CEO, Chris Dampare, said the lights not only break new grounds in terms of staying power, they feature new advanced IP67 rated LED modules that deliver exceptional brightness and coverage so that it is possible to install the lights on 8 metre poles at more than 30 metres apart and still get full ground coverage with no dark spots between poles. In addition the all-in-one design, featuring a world-first adjustable solar panel orientation, is one of the most versatile solar street lights in the world.

Sangel CEO Chris Dampare presents a paper on solar technologies

UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Developing Markets Associates is holding an event with the theme: ‘SMEs: Leading Nigeria into the Next Century’, to be held at the spectacular Lancaster House, London, on May 20th, 2014. As the largest African economy, and home to the continent’s largest number of SMEs, this half-day event will share the successes of UKTI’s Project 100, an innovative initiative that aims to address the issues faced by Nigerian SMEs and support their growth.

Chris Dampare, CEO of Sangel Technologies International, Sangel Solar Technologies and Sangel Energy International, will present a paper and address delegates on how Sangel is leading the way with a wide range of solar technology applications in Africa, beginning with Nigeria. He will chart Sangel’s product and market growth on the continent, and how the company and its partners aim to partner with SMEs on the continent to accelerate the adoption of solar power at both central and decentralised parts of the energy value chain.

For further information on how Sangel can work with your company to implement solar application technologies please email info@sangeltech.com.

Or visit: http://www.developingmarkets.com, http://www.sangeltech.com

New SLX5 2014 model

This year Sangel is launching the new SLX5 solar powered street light. It provides powerful illumination from 8 metres up to 10 metres pole height. Now available to pre-order. Deliveries will commence in Q3 2013.

The new 2013 SLX5The new lights feature the new advanced controller that consumes virtually no electric current, meaning all the power generated by the solar panel is stored in the battery for night-time use. The advantage of this design is that the battery is always fully charged so depth of discharge (DOD) is kept to the optimum level to ensure more reliable operation as well as longer life for the batteries. Another feature over previous models is the addition of another side LED module to provide increased forward illumination for better road lighting. The result is an overall better road lighting effect as well as enhanced safety especially for roads and city streets with little or no ambient lighting. We believe that these new features make the SLX5 the most advanced solar street light in the world.

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