Solar-powered AC or DC generating units are much safer than petrol, diesel or kerosene-driven units.
They are cleaner, kinder to the environment, and the one-off investment in the equipment will pay back in free fuel – the sun’s energy is free!
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  • Safer source of energy, eliminating accidents and other problems associated with hazardous fuels such as petrol and kerosine or diesel
  • Unlimited supply of energy
  • Safer streets, better looking towns and cities at night, low cost of operations
  • Significant energy saving by releasing the pressure on the national electricity grid
  • Contribution to implementing Kyoto/Copenhagen Agreement in utilising sustainable energy sources for the nation’s needs
  • The country may be able to attract funding and other support from international bodies for similar projects Improvement in the quality of life for the people
  • The creation of whole new industries around solar projects, bringing employment to many scientists, professionals and skilled workers
  • Knowledge and technology transfer can occur to enable migration of the energy resource into other applications such as healthcare
  • Enhance the credibility of the government for improving the infrastructure