Light bars, Torches and Lanterns

This is an incredible piece of technology, featuring high quality solar panels embedded in a robust casing so the unit is capable of taking any number of knocks and rough handling.

It is suitable as a daily form of light for a household without grid electricity supply or even those who have access to grid power but want to make a saving in both energy cost and their carbon footprint.

Campers, night market traders, farmers, the police, the army at the warfront and in training camps will find this an invaluable night time companion.

Just leave it in the sunshine to charge and the clever electronics will take care of the rest. A simple toggle switch turns the unit on and off.

Step up in power to the more powerful twin light bar for more demanding applications. The large solar panel ensures it is always ready for action.

If you want to light up a larger room or a large camp gathering or market stall, this is the device to go for.

The forces will love its robustness and very bright light.

It can also be mounted on a revolving base (supplied) to leave your hands free to get on with the job. This is the ultimate in versatility and peace of mind.

Beautifully designed solar-powered flashlight offers a go-anywhere versatility that will be appreciated by all customer types. The unit pops out of the charger casing for light, stylish use.

Use as an emergency flashlight or full-time night-time companion for grid-free living. The unit comes in many colours, and with the high-brightness LED luminaries capable of lasting over 50000 hours you can forget about ever changing the light bulb or battery during the product’s lifetime.

Quantity discounts available to wholesalers and retailers.

Nichia LED lantern
  • Super bright Nichia LED, max brightness equals 40W bulb
  • Durable Lithium-Phosphate battery (life span 5 years)
  • Adjustable dimmer
  • Detachable base
  • 3 piece 1 watt Nichia LED
  • 3*1000mAh Liitjium phosphate battery
  • AC adapter 5V/750mA
  • Product size (cm): 16.3 x 21.3