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Power Generation



Clean, Safe, Renewable - Energy As Clean As The Wind

Commercial property owners face tremendous challenges in their desire to “Go Green”. They want to help the environment but not at the expense of the bottom line. Solar is expensive, and the available rooftop space may not provide enough room to make a significant change in their electrical utility bill, not to mention a major consideration is the damage that solar panels can cause the roof and the access to make repairs.


Now there is a solution... the ECO-GEN JouleBox® Power Station. Each unit is 60kW which will produce 525,600 kWh annually. Multiple units can be configured to meet any size commercial application. The ECO-GEN JouleBox® Power Station and just a few solar panels provide you with all the energy you need. You have your own generators on site that continually produce energy using a new patented and patent pending design that re-defines the way renewable energy is generated. This new high-tech design provides a combination of conventional solar panels with an integrated generator to provide you with power 24 hours a day, rain or shine.

From a commercial building that may only need one or two 60kW units to Distributed Generation Micro-Grid facility that needs multiple units, up to 50MW, the ECO-GEN JouleBox® Power Station is the answer.

With a limited number of solar panels needed and the flexibility to install multiple ECO-GEN JouleBox® Power Stations, now “Going Green” makes sense for any commercial application. By decreasing expenses, commercial property owners increase the value of their property with higher CAP rates and can turn a monthly cost into a revenue stream.

Now you can be good to the environment and your bottom line at the same time!

JouleBox Quick Facts

  • Dimensions 5ft L. X 7ft W. X 5ft High
  • Weighs approximately 5,000 pounds
  • Requires only 4 solar panels
  • Typical power output of 525,600 kWh per year
  • Maximum power output of 657,000 kWh per year
  • Real-time satellite monitoring with GPS
  • 10 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Complete replacement in case of catastrophic failure
  • 1MW of capacity requires 17 units
  • 7 units fit in a 40-foot container

How Joulebox Compare with Traditional Renewable

The JouleBox Hybrid Generator separates itself from all other renewable energy products on the market today. With solar, wind and battery technology it can produce power at a fraction of the cost of other renewable energy products.

  • Requires large physical space
  • Not feasible for all locations
  • Dependent on sunny weather conditions
  • Transmission costs
  • Output losses
  • Solar panel maintenance

  • 6-8 Hours of power per day
  • 12-18 months to setup
  • Requires large physical space
  • Not feasible for all locations
  • Output is proportional to wind speed
  • Transmission costs
  • Output losses
  • Low maintenance

  • Power generation is seasonal
  • 12-24 months to setup
  • Requires high investment to locate to suitable space
  • High risk of failure

  • Transmission costs
  • Output losses
  • Maintenance shutdowns impact output
  • Backup power is expensive
  • Consistent power
  • 24-36 months to setup
  • Requires minimal real estate
  • Can be setup anywhere
  • No impact on weather patterns
  • Zero transmission costs

  • Each generator only needs to be shut down for 15 mins per year
  • 24/7/365 days of power
  • 6-8 months to setup

Savings in Electricity

Type of Facility JouleBoxes Annual Savings
Restaurant 1 $50,000
Budget Hotel 2 $100,000
Office Building 6 $300,000
Shopping Mall 8 $400,000
Large Cold Storage 30 $1,500,000

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