This year Sangel is launching the new SLX5 solar powered street light. It provides powerful illumination from 8 metres up to 10 metres pole height. Now available to pre-order. Deliveries will commence in Q3 2013.

The new lights feature the new advanced controller that consumes virtually no electric current, meaning all the power generated by the solar panel is stored in the battery for night-time use. The advantage of this design is that the battery is always fully charged so depth of discharge (DOD) is kept to the optimum level to ensure more reliable operation as well as longer life for the batteries. Another feature over previous models is the addition of another side LED module to provide increased forward illumination for better road lighting. The result is an overall better road lighting effect as well as enhanced safety especially for roads and city streets with little or no ambient lighting. We believe that these new features make the SLX5 the most advanced solar street light in the world.

You can also request for your country, state or organisation logo to replace the butterfly for enhanced public relations.